Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2 - The Fun Begins

55 min .89 miles
total ascent 93 feet total descent 16 feet
elevation 1266 temp in tent 64.8.

My bike as we fly out to the coast. 

Finally I am biking to the South Pole. I flew out of base camp at about 6pm to Hercules inlet. There is a cache of supplies there for Richard Park. He is trying to set the unassisted, unsupported record from Hercules to the South Pole, but he ran into bad weather, so he is on his way back to the start. It may be that I will see him on his way to Hercules and then again as he passes me on his second attempt.
Juan is still at base camp. I'm not sure if he will try and pass me or not. He has skis and I've been told he plans to put his bike on the sled and ski in the deep snow. That should be a lot faster than my hike-a-bike method. My goal is to never put my bike in the sled.
The snow in Hercules inlet was soft making travel difficult, but that was what I was expecting. Just outside the inlet is a steep climb. It is a sea of white waves of drifted snow with just a few tops of mountains showing like little islands. With the look of being out too sea the steepness is hidden from the eyes, but trying to pull a couple hundred pounds of gear up the slope there is no doubt that you are climbing.
I was hoping to clear the top of the first slope today, but I started to worry I left my camera at the start, so I set up camp, and in the process found the camera.
Tomorrow will be my first full day of biking to the pole.

Remember to go out and be active.


  1. Way to go. Dropped by the shop and picked up some stuff for small business Saturday. Hope your doing great and good luck stay safe.