Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Miss My Bike

My bike is still in Punta Arenas. In order to get it shipped home I have to provide a list of everything in the box it is being shipped in. I sent the packing list to Mark at ALE twice but somehow he never got it. I'm betting it is a spam filter issue. 

Borealis was very generous and sent me a demo bike to use while I wait for my bike to get back from Chile. I still had my  old Moonlander at home so I rode it to the store this morning, and rode the Borealis home tonight. The Borealis is so much nicer in every way. However, the handling/steering of the Borealis vs the Moonlander is probably the biggest thing I notice. The Borealis just feels like it should and the Moonlander just has a funky feeling to the way it steers. 

Anyway the demo Borealis is great, but I miss my bike. I spent a lot of time with that bike and I like my custom build. I will be so glad to get my bike back. 


  1. How did your open house go? Is the video you presented available? Would you be interested in speaking to a youth group?

    1. There were a lot more people there than I expected. From what I hear people enjoyed the presentation, and yes I am available for speaking events.