Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Working together?

Got an email from Juan. He is arriving today but said he didn't have his bike. Not sure what that means. It will be nice to meet him. I have offered to work with him. I think working together would improve both of our odds of reaching the South Pole. 

It doesn't get dark here until after 10 pm and is light by 5 am. Of course when I arrive in Antarctica it won't ever get dark. 


  1. Following you from POSTNET!!! (Saratoga Springs)

  2. Just spent the summer in Alaska. It took some time to get used to sleeping with full sunlight in a tent. I found myself wearing my winter hat over my eyes to help simulate night. Best of luck, and I'll be following your travels from Syracuse, New York!

    1. I think I have a bit of a sleep disorder. I have problems staying awake when I'm not actively doing something. Sleeping in full sunlight isn't a problem for me. However I have a JetBlue sleep mask.