Friday, November 1, 2013

Human Pinball

Word of advice: Two weeks before you go on an expedition to the South Pole is not a good time to play human pinball.

My new Borealis Yampa bike (which is now on it's way to Chile) rides so much better than the Moonlander that I have been training on. It is amazing how much faster and agile the Yampa feels compared to the training bike. It is going to be a great expedition bike.

Today I left Myron in charge of the store and got a little ride in on my new Anthem 27.5 bike. The difference between this bike and the Yampa is much like the difference between the Yampa and the training bike. The Anthem is snappy fast and agile.

So I take off with Jake up the Tickville Gulch trail. Near the end of the trail it goes along a split rail fence and ends with a gap in the fence. In the middle of that gap is a t-post. Not sure why it is there but it leaves just enough room between the split rail fence and the t-post. That is, it leaves enough room if you don't bounce off the split rail fence like a pinball and then take a direct hit into the t-post.

Biking 750 miles in the snow, up hill, with a head wind, will be a lot easier if my arm doesn't feel like it does right now.
Gap in fence with t-post


  1. I might have missed it if it's there already... could you detail what dietary plans you have? What will you eat, how many calories per day? That type of thing would be interesting. Best of luck!

    1. Good question, so I made the answer a blog entry.

  2. Not sure if my previous comment made it through or not, but I'd be interested in reading about your nutritional plans: how many calories per day, what type of foods, etc. Best of luck!

    1. Sorry it took so long for me to moderate the comment. So much to do and so little time left!