Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weigh in Tomorrow

I've organized every thing into bags that
1 go with me to the drop off
2 go to the first resupply
3 go to second resuppky
4 go to final resupply

Now everything gets weighed and then it wait for my flight to Antarctica. 

Right now it looks like it could be delayed. Bad weather has pushed back a few flight and they need to get caught up with sending supplies to the base camp before we can go.
Sanding next to Juan Menedez Granados. I'm the stif looking guy. It looks like I'm not very comfortable giving or getting hugs. 

Juan is a great guy and I wish him the best. I think we will cooperate with each other but he wants to maintain his solo status so we won't be biking together. 


  1. So far, so good!! You guys are going to have fun. Almost wish I would have went with you. :)

  2. Maintain his solo status? You can out bike him any day! When the going gets tough, he'll fold like a pair of deuces and your determination will keep you going. If that doesn't work, stick an icicle in his spokes!

  3. Juan is a great guy. I'm sure he will do fine. My main objective is to make it to the pole. If it is before Juan great, but if he gets there first than I'll be glad for him.