Monday, November 18, 2013


Vientos - the hostal I'm staying in, or Spanish for wind. 

They say that Punta Arenas is a land of contrast. It can be dead calm, but since I have been here it is windy, or rain and windy. Google says it is 7C and 35 km/h but I'm such an American that I don't know what that means.

I decided to go penguin hunting. I'm told if I want to find penguins I need to take the boat to Isla  Magdalena  where all the penguins like to hang out. Maybe that will be tomorrow's activity. I walked up the beach just in case some penguin got lost on its way to the Isla. No penguins but I found some other things I found interesting.
Some historic ship wreck. There was a sign about it but about all it said was that it was historic and to leave it alone. 

My mom loved to walk on the beach and collect shells and rocks for polishing. I don't think anyone does that here. There are tons of shells and what I think are agates, but what do I know? Anyway I left them there for my mom. 
Then I came to this strange park. At first I thought it was just playground toys for kids. The I realized this is exercise equipment. They all seemed to work well but give little resistance and for the most part not much of a workout. Here is a treadmill. 
Like the treadmill but now your arms join in the fun. 
Pull up machine. Sit in the chair and pull down the handle to lift yourself. 
A few machines here, some treadmills an elliptical trainer and something you sit on and pull with arms and push with feet. 
I wasn't sure what this was. I guess some kind of parallel bars. Boring!
This was cool, a leg press that uses your body weight for resistance. I need to eat more ice cream so I can use this to get in shape. 
Stand on the plate and twist back and forth. You would need to do a lot of this to get a core workout. 
More elliptical trainers.
Snowmen dressed like Canadian Mounties?
And I guess the USA isn't the only place that makes poor bike lanes. I know it is obvious, but in case you don't see it, the pole uses up the whole bike lane. 

Is hello hola backwards? If so, hello.

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