Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nerd Biker

As a computer programmer in my former life, and now as a full time bike rider, the gear for this expedition would make the geek and the cyclist grin from ear to ear.
I have the most awesome fat bike, a Borealis Yampa with 5" wide tires, a carbon frame, Shimano XT components, Giant carbon Handle bars seatpost and stem, and an e*thirteen crank. I have great clothing from Pearl iZumi, and Canada Goose and awesome camping gear from Bear River Outfitters.
Now I top that off with some real fun electronics. I am using an iPad mini connected by Wifi to a RedPort Optimizer. The optimizer allows me to connect to my camera with Wifi and then send pictures and text dates to my blog using the Iridium satellite phone. All this made possible thanks to the
Yeah, there are sure to be some very trying times ahead, but right now this is the nerd biker's dream.
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  1. God speed, Daniel. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful and safe expedition!

    Don't sell yourself short, you're doing more than inspiring people to get out and ride bikes! I can no longer ride, had to sell my beloved Schwinn Paramount hybrid mountain bike years ago after a quack surgeon screwed up my back when reducing a lumbar disc @ L4-5. That left me in so much pain I was wheelchair bound for the following 6 months and told by other doctors I'd never walk again. Thank God I didn't listen, found a pain management doctor working with NIH Bethesda that got the pain under control enough to get me out of the chair and walking again. What I'm trying to say is the stories of your decisions, of you and your families trials, all touched my heart. I've read your blog from the beginning, was horrified to read about your daughter having been attacked yet glad to hear your daughter recovered from that senseless and brutal beating while she was on her mission. The story of your wife comparing you to Mr. Toad had me laughing, my wife had said something similar to me about Mr. Toad around the same time and that had me thinking our wives should get together sometime seeing they probably have a lot in common. I too am a total nerd and feel you and I have a lot in common as well, despite my current disabilities.
    I was bedridden one Sunday, heartbroken and depressed having to miss going to my Ward/ church once again for Sunday services. While doing my scripture studies in bed, using a smartphone given to my wife for free by another church member, I found your story in an article on my Deseret News Android app. I've bookmarked your blog and tracking sites, will be looking forward to following you to the south pole!
    I've tried to leave comments before, had trouble doing so using just a smartphone, hoping it works this time. It's taken me days to make this one comment with all the problems I've had just trying!

    All my best, to you and your family. My thanks to your family for their support of your endeavors, and for their service to the church (best wished to your son on his upcoming mission!). My thanks too goes out to all those wonderful people that are sponsoring your expedition!

    Be safe, have fun, thanks once again for all that you've shared so far and are going to continue sharing! I'm excited for you, Brother, I really am!!!

    Brother Scott B.