Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Days to Go

My antique tractor
Just checked the DHL tracking. Looks like my crate with the bike and the gear has arrived in Santiago Chile. The planes that fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas are narrow body jets which means the crate has to go by truck the rest of the way.

I leave Salt Lake City Friday night, and arrive in Punta Arenas on Sunday. Only 4 more days left. I'm playing around with the new cameras that my father is letting me use for the expedition.

I have a Canon EOS 7D that I will use in Punta Arenas, at Union Glacier and then at the drop off point on Hercules Inlet. We are worried that the camera will not function properly in the extreme colds of the expedition without some modifications. So I will not take it with me on the bike.

I have a Canon PowerShot G16 that I will take with me on the bike for still pictures. It is small enough and light enough that I can carry it in a pocket close to my body to keep it warm. I'll keep it in a plastic bag to keep it from getting fogged up. I will also have a Sony Handycam that I will use for video while biking. Like the Canon I will be able to keep it close to the body to keep it warm.

For POV cameras I have two Contour cameras. We have modified the back to the camera so that we can plug in external power and are hoping that the Skinz handlebar bag will keep the batteries warm enough. If not I will be able to put those batteries inside my coat also.

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