Monday, November 25, 2013

Cross training

It looks like they might get a resupply flight in tomorrow. But then the weather looks bad again for Wednesday. So Thursday is now looking like the earliest chance to fly down to Antarctica.

I walked up the beach for a few hours today. I now have walk as far as I can go in a day north and as far as I can go in a day south. Tomorrow I'll either catch a boat to the isla Magdalena or see how far was I can walk. It makes for good cross training. Some have suggested I rent a bike, but well I haven't, I just walk around all day. 


  1. Downey thinks you should buy one of the Treks for $289,800. That would fit into you budget, right? Just kidding.

  2. And that is the cheap bike! But actually when you convert to US dollars the prices seem to be just a bit higher than in the USA.