Sunday, May 25, 2014

Table of Contents

This little table of content is arranged by subject rather than just by order of posts. I hope this helps to navigate the blog. I am now posting to my blog and keeping this blog just for the South Pole expedition. Need bike parts? go to

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adventure Gear Expo

I have been invited to speak at the Adventure Gear Expo tomorrow at 7pm. Fox ran a little story about me and the expo.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Relationship to Sir Ernest H. Shackleton

Assuming I did this right:
Ernest Henry Shackleton Sir (1874 - 1922)
  is my 8th cousin 5x removed

Henry Shackleton (1847 - 1921)
  father of Ernest Henry Shackleton Sir
Ebenezer Shackleton (1784 - 1856)
  father of Henry Shackleton
Abraham Shackleton (1752 - 1818)
   father of Ebenezer Shackleton
Richard Shackleton (1726 - 1792)
   father of Abraham Shackleton
Abraham Shackleton (1696 - 1771)
   father of Richard Shackleton
Richard Shackleton (1643 - 1705)
   father of Abraham Shackleton
Roger Shackleton (1616 - 1677)
   father of Richard Shackleton
John Shackleton (1584 - 1634)
   father of Roger Shackleton
Rodger Shackleton (1555 - 1597)
   father of John Shackleton
William Shackleton (1586 - 1629)
   son of Rodger Shackleton
Roger Shackleton (1609 - 1636)
   son of William Shacleden Shackleton
John Shackleton (1635 - )
   son of Roger Shackleton
Roger Shackleton (1663 - 1732)
   son of John Shackleton
John SHACKLETON (1687 - 1733)
   son of Roger Shackleton
Christopher SHACKLETON (1723 - 1746)
   son of John SHACKLETON
Agnes (Nancy) SHACKLETON (1760 - 1836)
   daughter of Christopher SHACKLETON
Stephen Longstroth (1788 - 1861)
   son of Agnes (Nancy) SHACKLETON
Nanny Longstroth (1828 - 1911)
   daughter of Stephen Longstroth
Alice Ann Richards (1849 - 1940)
   daughter of Nanny Longstroth
Willard Richards Smith (1872 - 1951)
   son of Alice Ann Richards
Maud Smith (1898 - 1990)
   daughter of Willard Richards Smith
Sheril Dale Burton (1935 - )
   son of Maud Smith
Daniel Paul Burton
   son of Sheril Dale Burton

Monday, February 24, 2014

National Geographic Inteview

I'm often asked if it was worth it to bike to the South Pole. I half jokingly say getting interviewed by National Geographic made it all worthwhile.

Here is the interview: National Geographic Weekend

Friday, February 21, 2014

KSL News

Jed Boal of KSL always does a good job with his news stories. He is also great to talk to when he interviews me. Anyway here is the latest news story.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not Puffy Clouds

This may not be as interesting to you as it was to me. This short video shows the "landscape" of the Antarctic ice cap. I didn't realize how much I would be going up and down over and over. It was frustrating to climb a couple hundred feet only to drop back down. Especially since the downhill seldom felt like I was going down. When I was flying back I took this video out of the airplane window thinking I was filming clouds. After a while I realized that this was the ice I had been biking over. Even though I had been biking in this for nearly two months I didn't really understand it until I saw it from the air.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This may be hard to see and understand, but the hole just left of the sled is the crevasse I fell into. The scary thing about this picture is that without the hole you would never know that this is a snow bridge across a crevasse. 

How big and deep is this crevasse? I don't know. I wanted to go back and get a better picture, but I was too scared to get any closer to it. Also interesting in this picture is the number of ski tracks going over the crevasse. All the other expeditions skied over this. In fact Richard Park skied over this just about 30 minutes before I fell into it.