Friday, November 29, 2013

Second Test Ride

I did a second test ride today. 6.25 miles in 1'15". They have dinner at 7 and I left at 6 so I had to push hard to try and finish the ride in time. I ended up arriving at dinner late and soaked. They didn't have the heater on at dinner which is normally good, but I could have used the heat to dry off. After dinner I hung around trying to dry off and talking to people about the biking expeditions.
There are now three expeditions trying to be the first to bike to the pole, mine, Juan Melendez Granados and some other lady that will try and do it with a recumbent fat trike. I don't want to use up all the minutes I got from the satponestore, so I don't have more details about her expedition. Anyway it will be interesting to see how this all works out.
After awhile of hanging out after dinner, I was getting cold from being so wet. I went back to my tent, stripped down to my baselayer and jumped in my sleeping bag, I wasn't in the bag for more than 10 seconds before I was toasty warm.
Tomorrow (actually it is just after midnight here so today) is the 1 year anniversary of my mom dying from high cholesterol. I was hoping to start my expedition on the 30th in honor of her, and to try and use this expedition to promote an active lifestyle. Of course promoting an active lifestyle will still be a goal for this expedition but I won't start going south until at least Dec 1. There are ski expeditions that are ahead of me for flying out.
Get out and do something.

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  1. 20 degrees? That sounds almost pleasant... as long as it is a 'dry' 20 degrees. The recumbent bike sounds interesting, but I've never found them to be very good at intricate maneuvers... which I am supposing will be essential at times for the trip to be successful. Although the handling characteristics may have been my basically inept 'biking' technique. I'm more of a Schwinn Traveler person... moving in a straight line - preferably downhill. Glad you're finally on your way.