Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ice bike

One of the guys working on the Toyota truck expedition was Doug Stoup. Talked to him a bit about his ride on his ice bike about 10 years ago. He was tent bound for days and had to keep going out and digging out his tent.,28804,1935038_1935083_1935722,00.html


  1. Glad to hear that your equipment is all in order and ready to go. Being "tent bound for days" doesn't sound like it was a lot of fun. We hope that you manage to avoid that! The Toyota expedition sounds interesting. We're fans of the British car program "Top Gear". In 2007 they aired a special which featured hosts Clarkson and May driving a modified Toyota Hilux to the magnetic North Pole. Very entertaining as we could watch the action while staying cozy warm on our couch. Do you know if the guys driving to The Pole (which sounds a heck of a lot easier than what you are doing) are using a Hilux? And, honestly, we think that you are doing this with much more of the same spirit as earlier explorers than the Toyota folks are.

  2. Well, they've got a good truck. The "Top Gear" crew tried to 'kill' one by doing everything from crushing it, letting the ocean pound the daylights out of it for a few hours, and then setting the "... this just won't die" vehicle on fire. It resides in their studio today - still able to run. We realize that however a person attempts to get to The Pole is a challenge, however, when it comes to the spirit of expeditions, we just think that had Burton and Speaks been able to hop in a truck and drive to Lake Victoria it would have changed the overall 'flavor' of that effort (although they might have preferred being able to go that way).