Monday, November 18, 2013

Walking along the Strait of Megellian

Walked down to ALE today. They told me my bike and gear should arrive today or tomorrow. Then when I got back to my hotel I got an email with flight information. I couldn't quite tell what it all meant but it does look like my bike will be here soon.

I walked around the beach a bit. Turned on the satellite tracking so that the tracking map would show me in Punta arenas.

It is a bit windy here. It was raining a bit but nothing was getting wet because the wind would dry out the rain as soon as it would hit. The water front on the Strait of Magellan here is interesting. Nice little paths, benches, and basketball courts. But nobody was out there. It was kind of like a ghost town. I guess it is just too cold and windy. I took a few pictures but I don't have a computer to download the pictures with. I'll use the little camera next time so I can post a picture or two to the blog.