Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nov 30 - This is Antarctica!

I don't have any weather equipment. Just one of those extras that didn't make it. So I'm going to call this about a gazillion mph wind, and bitter cold. I have some of my food and my gas for the stove placed around the tent. It has all disappeared in the drifting snow. My tent is slowly getting buried.
Basically, if you think Antarctica is cold wind and inhospitable then you would not be disappointed in today's weather.
I had a route briefing today. We looked at the ground penetrating radar to see where crevasses are. We also looked at ice flow rates that help identify were crevasses are likely to be.
My route will start at hercules inlet and climb up and around a big crevassed area and then basically go south with a bit of zig zagging to get around more dangerous areas. My route is a bit different than the ski routes so that it favors hard packed snow. However the first 30 miles will have a lot of soft snow and a lot of climbing.
Well, I guess it is time to try riding in the worst blizzard you can imagine.

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