Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jan 11 -- Eureka--I Bonked!!

South 88 degrees 35.132 West 083 degrees 13.976 8,866 ft.

Mike Boyd says that the hill from Elberta to Eureka takes one hour no matter how hard you push. One time, I tried to climb the hill as fast as I could. I figured I could recover while I waited for him and Bob to climb the hill. I, of course, was wrong and I had a really hard time finishing the ride.

Earlier this week, I decided to spend what should have been my sleeping hours to go get my third and final cache. I then put in a full day's ride. The next day I struggled. Then came the white-out day, so I gave up another night's sleep to try to make up for the bad days, which didn't work. This made it so that I had nothing left. I could barely pedal the bike today.

Last night, when I called in to ALE, I was reminded of my post about enjoying where you are. I had gotten so focused on finishing quickly so I could go home to my family that I was just pushing too hard. I decided to go back to just enjoying the ride. Today, I took a lot of breaks to eat freeze dried fruits and drink hot chocolate (provided by Thank You!) Pedaling at a bonked effort, I was still able to keep moving and got in a respectable number of miles. I committed myself to just enjoying the final days of what will be the first bike expedition to the south pole. If it takes a little longer, that is fine.

I've heard that Juan is out of food, so I'm asking that everyone keep him in their prayers.

Thanks for following me as I bike to the south pole.


  1. I agree with you about enjoying the ride! Adding the word enjoy to this great accomplishment would make it all worth it. You can be the first human to enjoy their ride to the South Pole plus maybe the only one for awhile!! Hopefully Juan will be ok and he can maybe enjoy his ride too. Are you close enough to him yet where you can offer some help- his blog 5 days or so ago says you are a couple of kilometers away from him. Enjoy your last days riding and keep pushing the pedals! Both are in the prayers!

    1. I never got close enough to be of any aid to him. Glad he made it fine.

  2. I told my class of sixth graders about you. Several of them already knew about your trek and had been ro you bike shop. I fell the excitement build as you approach the pole You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Don`t push too hard, enjoy your historica voyage. Multiple historical. It is first BIcycle ride to south. AND it shows that a SIMPLE man can do great things. Not only pro atheletes and million dollar adventurers.
    You are the hero of common human.

  4. Dan! Your doing an amazing job keep it up man, your almost there!

    The day you reach the south pole I will go out and backflip my bike out at my jumps in the snow here in Eagle Mountain in honor of you and to celebrate your accomplishment! :-)

    My parents also wanted me to comment on your blog on there behalf. They have been asking about how your expedition has been going since November. They wanted to let you know that they think what you are doing is amazing and they have major respect for you.

    Keep on crankin Dan!

    Open your mind, know who you are, find your passion.... live deep!

    -Patrick Schooler

  5. I hope Juan has enough fuel to melt water. It is the most important.


    Dan - here is an article I wrote for the Crossroads Journal about your trip.I can't wait to interview you when you get back for a more comprehensive article! God speed! Keep pedaling, friend!