Friday, January 3, 2014

January 2, 2014 -- This Used To Be A Funhouse

South 86º18.765' West  081º37.745' 19 nautical miles, 232 to go, Elevation 5,772 ft.

24 hrs of low wind and no clouds has allowed the sun to hit the snow from a full 360 degrees, which makes for great snow to bike on. The climbing continued today. John would not like this. It's like that road coming back from Elberta that seems to go on forever with a constant climb. However, in this case, this does go on forever, or at least for hundreds of miles.

As I go up in elevation, the air gets colder and thinner. They say that in Antarctica, the physiological effects of the altitude are like being 2,000 feet higher. So far, however, the altitude has not been a problem for me.

I think I'm gaining ground on the other expeditions. Juan's ski tracks ahead of me are now only half a day old. It seems I've been gaining 3 or 4 miles a day on him. However, on Sunday I will take a rest day which will give him the chance to get another day ahead.

I have started a routine of taking a break every mile, which turns out to be about how long it takes me to listen to all the different versions of P!nk's Funhouse. These breaks allow me to get a drink and return the circulation to my hands and feet. I pull a lot on the handlebars, which means that I probably need to lower the stem. But I'm not going to risk loosening and tightening those bolts in this cold.

Thanks to everyone for your support and for following me on the blog.

Remember to go out and be active!


  1. Enjoying following your ride, inspirational

  2. I really admire your courage, although I was very sceptical at first.