Monday, January 27, 2014

The End of a Very Long Day

I feel like Phil in the movie Goundhog Day. This is the end of a very long day it started almost two months ago and finally it is dark. The first night I have had since last November. Yet I have been spending so much time posting replies to comments and posting pictures to Facebook and stuff like that that I am still awake 3:34 am. I need to get to bed. Soon. Mike says I look like a homeless dude and he wants to give me $5. I'll take it.

But whether my wife likes it or not the beard stays until I got to church at least once. It is a bit of an expedition trophy. I have my tent and everything spread all over my room here in Punta Arenas to dry out. When they brought my bike to my room I went down to the bike shop where a cassette and cassette lock ring took were purchased to thank them and to get a bolt I,lost on the trip. I tried to tell them thanks and let them know they are part of history by making the first bike expedition to the South Pole a success but I don't think they understood what I was saying. I love Punta Arenas, but it is sometimes hard when my Spanish is near zero and people don't speak English here. 

I'm tired and going to get some sleep, I'll start adding pictures into the blog posts tomorrow. In the mean time I posted some higher res pictures on Facebook. 


  1. You look really great, like a real historic guy and the beard really suits to you.
    and your ideas are great.
    I have 3 daughters and we are cycling all year long, winter included. Sometimes we have minus 22 celsius (minus 6 F) here, in Estonia, in wintertime. But bicycle is the best vehicle riding in winter too. Walking is dangerous, you can fall instantly without warning, from foot. It can kill you. I hate it. Car is pretty expensive to use especally in wintertime. But bicycle -- perfect. Only good clothes needed. If you dont brake it too fast, you don`t fall. I have never fallen wintertime.

  2. Do you have a fat bike. With the fat tires the chances of falling in winter are even lower.

  3. I am planning to get fat bike to make journeys countryside.I ride very ordinary bike (female streetcruiser without gears) with pretty normal tyres (not nailed or smth) everyday in streets to show everybody how safe bicycle actually is wintertime.
    I am designing a special foldable attachment for bike to make it amphibious, to "sail" bike on the rivers and lakes and even seas. Something like Akwakat, but better. And I am planning to produce it.

  4. Daniel, I have kept up all along your epic. Please make sure you publish an account with photos...I will come down to Lindon to stand in your shadow and get your autograph on it. Strong work!
    I am interested in helping with the foundation. I live in Layton and will link up with you to lend a hand.
    Tim Ohrenberger