Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20 -- Dumb Dan, But HUGE Thanks Hannah!!

South 89 degrees 44.070 West 076 degrees 5.711 Elevation 9,179 ft  7.5 nm
18.3 statute miles remaining

I've done a few dumb things. First, early in the expedition I had extra food, so at the halfway resupply, I sent a lot of food back to base camp. Then at the three-quarter resupply, I went through my food and fuel as fast as I could to reduce my weight. I thought I would be done a week ago. I had some extra food in case I didn't make it as soon as I thought. Well, this morning I ate my remaining food. Part of the problem I've had the past couple of days is I didn't have enough food to keep my pace.

The next dumb thing that I did was to follow some truck track until it took me over six miles off course. I then headed toward my next way point which is at the start of the corridor that you have to use to go to the pole. That was a good choice, but this morning I made another bad choice and decided to return to my planned route. This meant going west three miles, but the corridor is east of where I was, so this was a bit of going the wrong direction. I was hoping that it would be worth going the wrong direction if I could get back on the track left by the arctic trucks. But when I reached my planned route there were no tracks. I then continued on the planned route, but by then I was tired and out of strength.

Then the famous Hannah from ALE (who has held the record for the fastest solo unsupported ski trip to the South Pole) showed up with a bunch of food--candy, cookies, sandwiches, and chocolate bars. I needed to go through the new supplies and eat some, so I  set up my tent. Once I did that, then I had to dry out all of my gear before I could go again, or else with how cold it is, I would freeze to death. So I got some sleep while things dried out.

I have to call in to the base camp and let them know I am okay at 9:40 p.m. (Chilean time) each day. Failing to call in can trigger a search and rescue operation, and of course I don't want to do that. So after the call in, I will pack up my tent and get going again. With fewer than 20 miles to go, Hannah's tracks to follow, and candy and trail mix to keep my energy up, I should be able to finish biking through the night and into tomorrow. My plan is to keep going until I get to the Pole, so my next blog entry should be at the South Pole.

Feeling good about my odds of finishing the first real bicycle riding expedition to the South Pole tomorrow.

Thanks for following me as I ride my bike to the South Pole. Remember to get out and be active.


  1. Way to go, Dan! Keep plugging away. You are in our prayers.

  2. Good luck in the final stretch, Daniel! We've been following your blog with a couple of friends since we heard about your trip on the local news some time in early December. We are cheering for you here in Salt Lake :)

  3. Thank you, Hannah, for being there! Dan, you really are inspiring me to do...anything, but stay still. Thank you!

  4. Amazing journey Dan. I find myself checking up on your status over and over day after day. I keep hoping to see the news that you have made it..... I'm not foolish enough to believe it's just a matter of time, but I know you are going to make it!

  5. This is awesome, Dan! So happy for you. The end is near! (in a good way)

  6. Yes, these are the altitude effects -- bad feelings and discoordinations. Be careful! Finish is near but no need to lose it last hour!

  7. Experience is what allows us to avoid making mistakes. The way we get experience is by making mistakes. Daniel -- don't be too tough on yourself. You are doing a superb job on an arduous trek.

  8. Way to go Dan! And thanks for influencing our lives for the better. Lately when I feel like the weather is too bad to ride in, I think of your trek and realize what a pathetic excuse that is.

  9. That is awesome that your so close to obtaining such a great feat!! You must be getting pumped and excited to get to the finish line. Just let the finish line pull you in the rest of way, cant imagine what that is going to feel like for you!! You the man Dan!! Keep pushing the pedals!

  10. I enjoy all things EPIC! And this was E - P - I - C. I think you are probably pretty close to the end if not already there and I just want to say that I am a bit jealous (but mostly inspired) that you have dreamed so big and dared to realize your dream. Inspirational, heroic, phenomenal.
    Thank you Glendon for sharing the information about this ride. Now, I'm going to have to meet Dan in person to shake his hand. You can arrange that, can't you Bjorn?

  11. BIG THANKS to Hannah!!! I'd meant to say something before now, I'm hoping better late than never. I now have your website bookmarked, thanks to the hyperlink set to your name in Dans' blog-post. Looking forward to reading more about you!

    Read this part off your progress, just as I've read every single post of yours since the beginning. Writing this now as a small catch-up and to add the shout-out to Hannah for fueling you up in those final, critical miles. You should see my 'congrats' on your making it to the south-of-the-world post too. At just 2 minutes after you post went up, that YOU MADE IT BY BIKE TO THE SOUTH POLE I was compelled to check on your progress. AWESOME!

    Thank you so much for watching over Dan, for bringing him supplies and even cards/gifts over the holidays. You people are wonderful!

    @Everyone else, sponsors and supporters, family and friends, you know who's... THANKS!