Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jan 12 -- Last Week?

Same location as yesterday.

Well, hopefully this is my last week of biking to the south pole. I hope to arrive by Saturday. Today was a nice sunny day with low winds, but I took a rest day and recharged batteries, both those for my electronics and hopefully my body. I spent the day getting a lot of sleep.

I've been told that Juan is having problems with dizziness and running out of food, so my prayers today have been with him. While our expeditions are different, his being a solo ski/bike expedition with no support or resupplies, and mine being only biking but with three resupplies, we have traveled the same route. I have usually been a day or two behind him, but for the most part we've experienced the same weather and snow conditions. Juan has done a great job and I would like to congratulate him. If I don't finish too far behind him, I may see him at the pole, at base camp, or back in Chile. If so, I'll congratulate him personally. Otherwise, I'll just use this post to say, "Good job, Juan!"

Thanks for following me as I bike to the south pole. Remember to get out and be active!


  1. You're a good man! Good luck, our prayers are with you.

  2. Dan, keep having fun and stay safe. You have inspired us all.

    Make sure to go see some Penguins after you are done and eat more empanadas chilenas.

    Juan Carlos

  3. I'm in my hotel room right now. I think I will take a shower and go get an empanadas.