Monday, January 6, 2014

January 5-- Just Like LoToJa

South 86 degrees 52.546 West 081 degrees 43.409 Elevation 6,644 ft. 0 Nautical Miles

It is 198 nautical miles to the south pole, which is 227 statute miles. LoToJa is 206 miles, so now it's just like that--well, a few things are different.
In my tent on Jan 5, 2014

This is 21 miles longer. LoToJa is on a road, this is on snow. In LoToJa, I have skinny, smooth tires. Here, I have 5 inch wide knobby tires. LoToJa goes through three states, and, of course, this is Antarctica. It is 100 degrees colder here. LoToJa has three big climbs, but also three nice downhills. This doesn't have as steep of climbs, but you can't coast on the downhills. I travel about 20 miles an hour doing LoToJa, but here I'm happy to get 2 knots. LoToJa is a one day event, but I still have two weeks of travel left here. On LoToJa, there are rest stops where family or friends are there to give you food. Here, I drag my food and gear behind me on two sleds. LoToJa has a wheel car that gives you a new wheel if you need it. But here, my wheel had to be flown in by plane. (Huge Thank You to Borealis!!!!!) It will be in my next cache. For LoToJa, you have to finish before dark. Well, here I have to finish before dark, too.

So, other than these minor details, this is just like LoToJa. If I can finish LoToJa 6 times, I think I can do this. South pole here I come!

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