Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3, 2014 -- Enjoy Where You Are

South 86 degrees 31.338 West 081 degrees 40.189  13 nautical miles Elevation 6,066 ft (220 miles to go)

The snow is hard, the slope isn't too steep, and I got started on time. It looked like it would be a good day. Then my repair job failed and I had to take a few hours to redo it. I should be getting a new wheel soon. With a short day, I got a respectable number of miles. Since I didn't work too hard today, I'm going to make up the lost hours tomorrow.

I'm so ready to be done with this expedition. Time only goes forward, so I am taking the time to enjoy the trip. We only get to live each day once, so enjoy where you are.

Overall, though, things are good. I was planning on being at 86.5 by the end of Saturday, but I'm there now, so I'm already ahead of schedule. I haven't been working as hard as I did those first couple of weeks. I think it is time to pick up the pace. I'll work hard tomorrow and then take my rest day on Sunday. If conditions continue like they are, it should work.

Remember to go out and be active.

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