Friday, January 24, 2014

Jan 24 -- Ghost Camp

It's almost like a little Ghost Town here now. I'm waiting for my flight back to Chile which is scheduled for the 27th, but may get bumped to the 26th because of weather. In the meantime, they are in the process of taking down camp and getting everything ready to be sent back to Chile until next season. So it is continually getting to be less and less of a camp.

It's not too bad outside here right now, just a little below freezing. Much warmer than it was at the pole. Vesa told me today that the temperature inside his tent was 80 degrees. I had to open the flaps on my tent because it was so warm inside.

I've been trying and trying to send pictures, but I just can't get a good enough charge on my batteries to be able to send them. Minus 40 degrees is very hard on batteries. After I get to Chile I can send some pictures. I don't know when I will fly home to Utah yet. I am waiting to buy a return flight ticket until I know for sure when I will be back in Chile. The flights out of Antarctica can be delayed because of weather and that has happened a lot this year.

Thank you for following me as I rode my bike to the South Pole. Remember to get out and be active! 


  1. It is strange that there are no proper buildings in such important base.

  2. It is amazing what a big camp ALE has at Union Glacier. Most of the camp is only there for the summer (nov - jan) there are some parts that winter over. I just took so long to finish that the parts of camp that don't stay over winter were getting packed and sent back to chile. It was also cool to see the ramps they built and moved the snow cats not so they could winter over. Why ALE does really is amazing.