Friday, January 24, 2014

Sending Blog Updates

Picture of me getting a blog entry sent.


  1. You really did it outside, barehand?

  2. Yeah you got me there it was a bit of an photo op. But it is kind of cool to see where I was blogging rather than just the inside of a tent. And I was not bare hands. The pearl Izumi gloves I had worked well with the touch screen. I would wear the pearl Izumi gloves, and then my Canada Goose gloves over the top of those and sometimes take the CG gloves off to do things. I was usually able to do things without taking the pi gloves off but there were times I exposed my bare hands to the cold. If I made sure I did it with my back to the wind I could have the gloves off for a minute or two. Other than that I only took the gloves off in the tent. I also had some mittens I got from bear river outfitters that were able to go on over the CG gloves or instead of the CG gloves. The sad thing is I lost the left mitten along the way.