Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13 -- Master, The Tempest Is Raging

South 88 degrees 40.529 West 082 degrees 27.680 16 nautical miles Elevation 8,961 ft.

There has been a light snow fall and lots of clouds the last few days. The result is the softest snow I've had to deal with for a long time. Also, as I was sleeping and when I awoke today the wind was blowing. However, when I started riding the wind died down and it seemed there was always just enough of a break in the clouds all day to provide me with enough light to see. I am very grateful for this.

Overall it was a relatively flat ride today. If it hadn't been for the soft snow it would have been perfect conditions. With the soft snow, though, it was very hard pedaling. There are now ski tracks from multiple ski expeditions ahead of me. If I follow in their trails, it helps a lot. I am moving at such a slow speed that it is hard to maintain balance and stay on the ski tracks. When I get off the ski tracks I can still go, it is just harder.  I am very tired from a hard day's work that didn't result in as many miles as I would have  liked.

Snow Biking Tip:
If you are having trouble with traction in the soft snow, lower the tire pressure. At times I have had the tire pressure so low that the tube doesn't fully fill the tire.  Today I needed low pressure, but not that low. Also, if you come up on a soft patch of snow, move your weight back. With low tire pressure and the weight back, you can power through some pretty soft snow.

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