Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cold tiles

Cold floor tiles in the morning are no problem when your feet are mostly numb.

I stayed up all night talking to my daughter's boyfriend. I really should get more rest. Today I need to get all my stuff into a box a shipped back home, and then catch a flight home myself. Oh yeah, and see if I can get someone to ask the firgadorific company, in Spanish, if they can help me find my gps. I'm pretty sure the security guards picked it up but don't know enough Spanish to ask if they found it and to offer them a reward for its return. 


  1. To ask them about the GPS and offer a reward, say this (spelled phonetically): "Say pear-dee-OH la hey-pay-essay day me bee-see-CLAY-tah. Eye oon pro-PEE-no poor en-cone-TRAR-low." (Se perdio la GPS de mi bicicleta. Hay un propino por encontrarlo.) Good luck.

  2. Print this question out and show it to them:

    Hace unos días perdí mi GPS, ¿conoces a alguien que se encuentra uno?

  3. What's happening? No post for a couple of days. Do you have a flight home?

    1. I'm home! Sorry for the lack of posts. Just nice to recover a bit. I did add a post today about the welcome home party.