Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jan 18 -- Head Winds

South 89 degrees 29.139 West 073 degrees 03.322 Elevation 9,160 ft 11 nm
Only 35.4 statute miles left to go

It has gotten extremely cold the last couple of days. I have to be very careful when I get in the tent and unpack my sleds. Everything is so cold that if I touch things with my hands I get instant frostbite. It was nice and sunny today, but the winds were straight out of the south. The snow is still soft, which makes setting up the tent easy, but biking hard.

With the strong winds and blowing snow, navigation was easy--head straight into the blowing wind.

In a lot of ways, this feels a lot like the first couple of weeks, only colder. It feels like I am always climbing, but it is just the soft snow and wind. I gain a hundred feet and then lose it over and over. Fortunately I am now better at working with my gear and sleds and don't spend as much time adjusting things. Still it is hard to be back to getting low mileage. Half a degree to go...not long now.

Congratulations to Juan for finishing his skiing/biking expedition. He has accomplished a great feat, because traveling to the south pole is challenging. When I spoke with him at the beginning of our separate journeys, he told me that he would not say he did something that he didn't do. He knows, as do others, how much biking he really did, so now is the time for him to do the honorable thing and be honest in his claims.

Thanks for following me as I bike to the South Pole. Remember to get out and be active!


  1. Whoo Hoo, you are almost there! You are awesome!

    I should have never had any doubts after having witnessed you become so passionate about biking and helping others enjoy the sport. Now it is funny to think that we though climbing Glendon's hill was a big accomplishment.

    Bring back a postcard from the South Pole. ��

    Juan Carlos

  2. In comic books and movies there are superheros. The writers can make them do anything in the adventures they write. But your adventure isn't fiction and you're no superhero, but you and your determination are super human! I have greatly enjoyed following your progress. You're almost there. Maybe you are a superhero. I know there are many of us mere mortals that would have given up long ago.

  3. Be strong! I know myself, from my river marathon experiences how hard the last miles are. You see the finish lights and still there are so long to go. But then the finish is so sweet!

    Sadly the Spanish media is heralding Juan as the first bicycler reaching pole and not mentioning his skiiing at all. I think his PR man organized the misinformation and such information is in Juan`s FB page too. It is so annoying!

  4. I am sure Juan will be honest but I doubt the media will report it that way...the BBC is still pushing the "by bicycle" meme

    Keep up the good are however making me feel guilty about skipping rides because it is too windy, too icy, etc.

  5. Dan
    we are very proud of you and what you are doing. You are a very brave and courageous man.

    Bill and Laura

  6. I admire what you're doing and the purity of your actions. You can't worry about what others do or say, you know in your heart, as do all the people who are following you, what you've accomplished.

    Keep focused on the goal and know it's within reach.

  7. Uncle Clark is so proud of what you are doing as well as all your family. May you endure to the end and enjoy the ride too.
    Aunt Pauly

  8. I teach middle school and we are currently studying Antarctica. Everyone is fascinated with your story. Hang in there!

  9. You have been an inspiration to so many people. You have done an amazing job. Keep up and finish strong, you have a ton of people rooting for you. Stay safe. Janita