Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21 -- It is COLD here!

Hannah gave me a bottle of coke with the food she brought yesterday. I warmed it up before I started this morning and then packed it in the middle of my parka. It was still warm when I got it out, but before I could unscrew the lid it turned to slush. Almost like the liquid nitrogen tricks. It is COLD here.

I'm sure I'll miss people, but I'll try to recognize everyone as soon as I can. For now--

Thanks to my family for their love, patience and support!

Super big thank you to all the guys who've run my bike store while I've been gone: Jake, Greg, John, Joel, Steve, Ron, Myron 

Thank you to everyone who donated to my expedition at GoFundMe!

A special shout out to all of my sponsors! Please support them if you can--and let your friends and neighbors know about them, too.


  1. What an awesome accomplishment! I cant imagine what it would be like to be alone for that long a period, just you and your thoughts. I am sure you have learned so much mentally and physically about yourself. You had the courage to go after something extreme and you pulled it off- big props to you!! Looking forward to hearing your experiences when you get back! Again- big PROPS to you!!

  2. Thanks Eric! It is so nice to be back in civilization. I can look out of my hotel window and I don't even see any ice. It was definitely a challenge being alone for that long, but it is where I came up with the idea for my South Pole Epic Foundation that I am very excited about.