Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Body Strikes Back

I think my body is still in rebellion. My pants fit like I'm Harry Potter and my pants are Dudley hand-me-downs. My few hour bike ride today has made my legs very weak and tired, and this morning I about passed out on the way to breakfast. A little orange juice fixed this morning's problem.

Before I left Chile for Antarctica one day I had ice cream for lunch and ice cream soup for dinner. I went and had pizza with Vesa just a little bit ago, and was very full. But now I am already hungry again, so I am doing the ice cream/ice cream soup thing again tonight. I also got a few other high sugar items to keep me going until morning. It is just too long between meals right now to go all night without eating. 

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I know the problem. Alain Bombard who sailed cross the Atlantic with small inflatable raft 1952 without any food taken along was pretty strong when he landed about 60 days after start, was able to walk to police station, to fill papers etc etc but a bit later he weakened very fast, fell ill and was in very bad condition several days, even weeks.
    I think you have shortage of some metals in your blood, especially magnesium. You should take special magnesium pills. And drink more water. You have signs of posttraumatic dehydration.