Friday, November 29, 2013

My First Bike Ride in Antarctica

Distance 6.78 miles climb 187 feet descend 177 feet time 1:35
The first day in Antarctica has been great. We got here at about 4 in the morning Chile time which is the time zone I'll use for my expedition. That way the sun will be low in the south while I sleep and at my back while I travel.
After arriving I found a place for my tent and set up the minimums of camp and then got the bike put together. The bike was a big attraction at the base camp. I let anyone that wanted to take it for a test ride. Everyone was surprised how light the Borealis bike is and how well it traveled on the snow.
It is kind of hot in the tent, but the outside weather is not that cold, I'm guessing around 20°F.
I took the bike out for a ride around the skiway (runway), about 6 miles. The bike did real well. However, no matter how hard you think it will be for me to bike to the South Pole...... It will be harder. I didn't have any weight on the bike and wasn't pulling a sled. I hear the conditions from Hercules to Patriot hills, about the first 30 miles, is very similar to the conditions here.

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