Monday, August 5, 2013

Looks Like Rain

Looks like a thunderstorm is headed over my trails. With all the work I put into the trails last week it will be nice to get a little rain to firm up the trail. 

I was talking to people about the trail last Saturday and then found them out riding the trail on Saturday and Sunday. Nice to see people enjoying all the work I put into the trail. The one guy I talked to had a hard time finding the start of the trail. So here is a picture showing the break in the fence where the trail starts.

This picture is not black and white,
 it's just that the flood left everything coated in black soot.
My wife get jealous of how much time I put into the trail instead of working on the yard. So I took her out for a walking date to at least let her have some of the benefits of all the work I have been doing. She thought the big cracks in the drying mud left over from the flash flood was cool looking, so I took this picture for her.

I talked with Eric Larsen at the Outdoor Retailer last week. It was great to be able to get a little insight into his attempt to bike to the South Pole last year. We talked about pulling a pulk vs. using panniers. I'm thinking of adding a rack and panniers to the bike.

I saw this bag at the Giant dealer show a couple of weeks ago. Looks like it could be a good bag for the expedition.

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