Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Strange Dreams

The rain on Monday helped my trail, but then I took my McLeod to the trail on my way home last night. Fixed up a narrow spot, and did a little bit of whacking the brush back from the trail. My legs are getting pretty scratched up. Anyway, any work I do on the trail leaves is dry and dusty. We could use some more rain. Weather forecast calls for a small chance a rain. I'm hopeful.

When I sleep in I have strange dreams. This morning I slept in until about 6am. I dreamt that I had a fat belly, and when someone questioned me about it I told them it was OK, because I needed the extra fat to go to the South Pole. I think it is highly likely that I will loose weight on this expedition, so I haven't been worried too much about my weight. I'm still keeping it in check, but a few pounds higher than normal.

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