Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jacob's Ladder

My 5 hour training rides on Monday mornings are working well. I didn't get enough sleep this last Sunday, so by the end of the day working at the store I was quite tired. Getting up at 3am riding 5 hours and then working til 7pm make for a long day, but I love being able to get that long ride in to start out the week. On Monday I rode to the real top of Jacob's Ladder in Corner Canyon. Most people turn and head down Jacob's Ladder where the single track breaks off from the dirt road, but if you continue up the dirt road another .6 miles you come to a great cliff overlooking Utah Valley.

The trail to here is loose and steep, but the fat tires give great traction, and although the bike is heavier than my mountain bike, it does a better job getting up this trail.

Yesterday was a hard day. I was building a new storage rack for the store, and fell onto the end pole of the rack and hurt myself pretty good. So I was feeling bad for myself and then I got a call from my wife. My daughter is in Serbia, and she and her companion were attacked by a man. He hit my daughter in the face a few times, but she isn't hurt bad. Her companion though was beat up pretty badly. She is having to go to Frankfurt to get surgery to fix a broken jaw and knocked in teeth. My daughter is moving back to Croatia today. Overall it sounds like things are going to be OK, but it is sad that a man would think he needed to beat up a couple of defenseless young women.

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