Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It is True

I'm going to the South Pole!

Yeah, yeah, I know that is what I have been telling everyone for the last 8 months, but yesterday I had a nice meeting with Steve and Tim from ALE, and I am just so excited that this is actually going to happen! There is no way I could even think of doing this without the help of ALE, but with their 30+ years of experience with South Pole expeditions I can do it! (OK a lot of use of the ! but I am just that excited!)

We went through a lot of stuff about ALE and how things work, and looked at various aspects of the Hercules Inlet to the South Pole route, talked about crevasses, tents, stove fuel, daily routine, panniers vs sled, food, snow conditions, navigation, gear, and much more.

I have a lot of gear I need to get in place before I leave. I need a parka like the expedition parka and other gear from Canada Goose. I am going to use an InReach SE that will be great for the blog to allow people to see where I am and follow my progress, but more importantly it allows ALE to always know where I am in case of an emergency. I also need to get a pair of Iridium satellite phones and spare batteries, and of course a solar charger for everything. 

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