Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Live Tracking Page

I purchased a DeLorme inReach SE for the expedition, and added a live tracking page to my blog.  It will allow anyone to see my progress as I bike to the South Pole. The inReach will upload my location to the page using Iridium satellites.  Cool, but really this is a critical part of my safety equipment. In the event of an emergency ALE can ping the device and get my exact location.

I am one of the few remaining hold outs on text messaging. I have never sent a text message on a phone. Seems kind of dumb to me. Why send text when I could talk. It seems like moving backwards in technology from phone to telegraph. I think I will skip the whole texting thing and wait for morse code or Pony Express to be the in thing.

Anyway, the inReach also allows me to send and receive text messages. Hey, I finally found a good reason for texting, sending updates to my blog!

I am testing out the inReach and turned it on for my bike ride with friends this morning, and then the commute to work. 10 minute updates isn't frequent enough to make a decent track for a short ride like this, but the slower speeds and longer time of the expedition should make a nice track of my progress. I also plan to track the route with a standard GPS giving more detailed data on the trip that can be uploaded after I return.


  1. Sweet. I can say I rode my bike with the Antarctica bike guy...

    1. Yeah, thanks for going with me. We need to do a good ride with lots of fall colors.