Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Sponsor: Borealis Fat Bikes

 If you could choose any bike to use to bike across Antarctica to the South Pole which would you choose? My choice was the Borealis Yampa.

A light weight carbon frame designed to take 4 inch wide rims, and a 5 inch wide tire will help me stay on top of the snow. Also the frame and fork have mounting bolts for racks. I will be using a combination of sled and panniers to be able to carry my gear. I will be able to adjust my load to the sled when float is critical. In areas where the ice becomes like sandpaper I can move more of the load onto the panniers.
I am super excited to have Borealis as a sponsor and also to be able to sell their bikes at Epic Biking, my bike store.
Shimano has committed to providing me components for the bike, and Skinz Protective Gear will be providing hand guards and packs for the bike. 

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