Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jan 14 -- Soft Snow and Cookies

South 88 degrees 42.833 West 082 degrees 29.960 2.5 nautical miles Elevation 8,962 ft.

It has been snowing today and there has been heavy cloud cover. The snow is very soft. The biking was extremely difficult and I could not see what I was doing. After a couple of hours I gave up and spent the rest of the day in my tent waiting for better weather. I need to at least be able to see where I am going. They say the clouds should break up tomorrow.

I heard a plane fly over today. Hopefully that was a good sign.

I slept a lot and dreamed of big, soft cookies.

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  1. Your doing great and almost to the finish line. So close to a hot shower and nice big meal. Heading back to Utah today and looking forward to stopping by the shop to hear some of your experiences. Keep pushing the pedals.