Thursday, May 2, 2013


Biking to the South Pole is going to be an amazing feat. However, getting everything done that will be required before we even head south is also going to be an amazing feat. I made a big step today with the launch of my Kickstarter page.

This is a chance for you to share in this awesome adventure, and to be a part of the historic first bike ride to the South Pole.

To give my Kickstarter project a kickstart, I am giving away an Epic Action Sports Video Camera pictured here.

I will give this to a random person that either becomes a Kickstarter backer, or follows me on Kickstarter.  So click on this link and join the fun!


  1. I love to ride bikes in coastal areas and mountains, but not yet tried in snow. Hope many riders will turn into your Kickstarter backer

    1. Thanks. The Kickstarter didn't work, but I was able to make it happen anyway. Now should I do a Kickstarter project to create the documentary?