Monday, May 27, 2013

Helping Others

I found this comment on a website, "Yeah, I realized after posting this that with this guy's career, if he had saved like a mustachian he could easily have funded it himself."

To which I say guilty as charged. Six years ago I had no debt and had a nice little retirement nest egg. I had enough saved that I could have paid for a South Pole exposition out my savings. But I wanted to give back. I quit my well paid career, bought a few hundred bikes, tools, parts, and accessories. I went to mechanics school to make sure I was properly trained to work on other people's bikes. I took my life savings and put it into a bike store.

I'm no longer debt free. I work 14+ hours a day. I only get Sundays and 4 or 5 other days a year off.

However, I have helped a lot of people improve their health by helping to get them out on a bike. I have fixed a lot of bikes for a lot of people that most bike shops won't work on. I have worked hard to make sure my customers are treated well and get good value. I think, because of my bike store, I have made a real contribution to my community. I feel I have put the money I earned as a computer programmer to great use.

So, yes I do need to raise money to do the South Pole Epic, and then I can use the expedition in my efforts to bring the health benefits of cycling to even more people. You can contribute to the expedition at or to my Kickstarter project at and help me help others.

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