Thursday, May 23, 2013

South Pole Snowman

I'm getting to work a lot later than I wanted because I worked on taking pictures of our prototype South Pole Snowman.
Here he is as a happy prototype snowman with "coal" eyes and a "carrot" nose.
After a few hours of sitting around in the heat he melted, but luckily we got all of him except his hat into a jar before he turned to water.

Each snowman will include a certificate of authenticity.

Our prototype snowman was not made with South Pole snow. The actual snowman you can get as a reward for backing our project will be made of real Antarctic snow from the South Pole. Other features of the real snowman, bottle, and certificate may be different than pictured.
 The snowmen from the South Pole will cost over $8,000 to collect, however you can have one of these extremely rare items if you pledge $200 or more. So I guess you can say you are saving over $7,800!

Go to and make your pledge today!

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