Thursday, May 23, 2013

Play List

I had a great meeting with the VP of a potential sponsor on Tuesday. It was very happy with how it went and I'm hopeful that they will be a sponsor. It is a great company with great people. It is so cool talking with people that, well, just get it.

A few weeks ago I talked to a different sponsor that I thought was a perfect match, one that would get a great return on their investment, one that I figured, based on the business they are in, would instantly see the benefit of being a sponsor, just didn't get it.

So I was out on the fat bike and listening to some songs. First it is "What is This?" from Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack learns about Christmas and is excited about it, reminding me of how most people get excited about the expedition.

Then "Town Meeting" from the same soundtrack. No matter how hard Jack tries, they just don't get it. Reminding me of the company I so wanted to be a sponsor.

ARKive photo - Galapagos penguins hunting fish
Finally "Too Many Fish in the Sea" by Karmin. Yup, there are plenty of potential sponsors out there that can benefit from being a partner in a great race.

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