Monday, July 15, 2013

Flash Flood

  • On Aug 5 last year we saw lightning hit the hill side about 2 miles north of our home. It started a little fire, it seemed it would be easily put out. Unfortunately by the time they started to fight the fire it was out of control and it ended up burning for over a week and burned 5,771 acres.
  • Saturday we had a nice storm roll through the area giving us some much needed rain. We don't get a lot of rain during the summer so we are very grateful we we do get some. 
  • My back property line is the Tickville Gulch. I have been working on the trail through the gulch for a few years and have enjoyed biking and walking along the trail.
  • On Sunday's I walk through the gulch to get to church. 

This Sunday when I got down to the gulch I had to turn around because the rainstorm hit the burn area, and flash flooded down the Tickville Gulch leaving behind a black slick muddy streak. Although most of the water was gone by the time I got there, I could see that the water had been up to 5 feet deep.
The flow of water left a trail of black soot 

Panoramic view of the trail of black soot

A wide spot in the flow

Black soot left behind

The difference in color is from the soot left behind

Just a little bit of water was still in brown black puddles in the bottom of the gulch

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