Sunday, July 28, 2013

You can ride your bike to ___

I think we have become too dependent on the automobile. I frequently get asked why I walk to church. My answer is, why do you drive to church? It is less than 2 miles to church and is easily done by bike or foot. So my question is what do you do by car that could be done by bike instead?
  • Although 25% of all trips are less than 1 mile, 75% of these short trips are made by automobile
  • If Americans were to bicycle instead of drive for 60 minutes a day, gasoline demand would be reduced by over 48 billion gallons.
  • The average cost of driving a car is $8,946 per year. 
  • Average cost of driving is 59.6¢ per mile. If you were to replace 20 miles of commute (10 miles one way) per day 5 days a week you would save $59.60 per week, or $3,099.20 per year!
  • Riding a bike improves your health and reduces obesity.
  • Being obese cost between $2,646 and $4,879 per year. Add in the cost of lost life expectancy and the cost of being obese is $6,518 to $8,365 per year!
The South Pole Epic is attempting to be the first to bike to the South Pole so that we can improve peoples lives by promoting cycling.

Riding a bike:
  • Burns calories. On average 500 to 900 calories per hour depending on fitness level and effort.
  • Can be done for many tasks that are commonly done by car
  • Boosts energy by 20% and reduces fatigue by 65%
  • Is good for your heart. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the USA. Cycling reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.   
Leave a comment filling in the blank:
If Dan will bike to the South Pole I will bike to __


  1. From now on, weather permitting, I will bike to church. I don't have fenders on my bike so, on the bad weather days I will walk.

  2. Well, the weather tested me. It rained today, but I rode the bike anyway.