Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alaska Parka

Playing around with my dad's parka.
My dad came over tonight and brought his old parka that he used when we lived in Alaska. It has a nice wolverine and wolf fur ruff, but over the years the long guard hairs on the wolf part of the ruff have mostly come off. I am excited to be getting a new parka from Canada Goose.
As I have said before the new parka I am getting reminds me of the parka I had when I was a kid. It was like the one pictured here only kid sized.
My Canada Goose parka will be too hot to use while I am biking. The last thing I'll do before starting to ride will be to take off the parka and put it in a bag behind my seat, and the first thing I will do when stopping will be to grab the parka from the bag and put it back on. I went and bought a nice jacket that I'll use while on the bike. There were several jackets that could have worked for the expedition. I ended up getting a red one. I need to get a fur ruff to sew onto my jacket.

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