Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Epic Journeys

When I decided where to have my bike store I chose the the shopping center I am in because it was the only shopping center in Saratoga Springs. It didn't occur to me at the time that this was along a cross country biking route.

It has been cool to have people drop in as they are on their long treks. I had a guy come in that started in Europe took a boat to Canada and dropped by the store on his way to South America. That was easily the longest trek that has dropped by.

Yesterday a lady dropped in. I'm bad at judging ages, but lets just say she wasn't young. She started in Salt Lake City and was headed to San Diego. We talked a bit about her expedition and my expedition to the South Pole. Interestingly the distance we will both travel is roughly the same.

A bolt had fallen off of her toe strap on her pedals. So I found a new screw, tightened up the rest of the screws on her pedals, she got refills on her water and continued on her way. After she left I thought, "I really should've gotten a picture of her." I need to start collecting pictures and stories of the people that stop in on their epic journeys.

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