Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Should I Have on My iPod?

Got some more equipment for my expedition today. My oder from Canada Goose came in today. The expedition is everything I expected! Nice and and warm. The last thing I will do before starting to pedal will be to take this off and put it in bag behind my seat, and the first thing I will do when I stop is grab it out of that bag and put it on. I love this parka and could not be more excited about getting it. I also got a nice marino wool neck gaiter, down gloves, and a marino wool toque from Canada Goose. All of these are going to be great down in Antarctica.

I also got my oder from Goal Zero today. I purchased a Sherpa kit and two Guide 10 kits. I will be using these to keep the satellite phones that I am getting from Satphonestore charged, and to keep batteries for the GPS and cameras, and my iPod charged.

I need to clean up my iPod. It has a lot of songs on it that I really do not like. I end up getting stuck listening to them as I am biking and don't want to stop and dig out the iPod to change the song. I am also planning on loading Das Buch Mormon onto my iPod. I have been trying since I was in high school to teach myself German. I have all the Harry Potter books in German and can do a fair job of reading them and figuring out what is being said. Maybe I'll get bored of listening to the German scriptures over and over, or maybe I'll get better at understanding German. Either way when I decided to listen to music I don't want to get stuck listening to songs I don't like.

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