Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Was Invented for Mountain Biking

Took my son out mountain biking today. I rarely get to go biking in the middle of the day, but we had Greg watch the store for a couple of hours while we went and tested out our demo Anthem Adv 1 27.5 bikes.

It has been a while since I have been up to Corner Canyon. The fall colors have are mostly gone, but the trails are filled with the brown oak leaves. I don't know if it is the decaying of the leaves or what but it smelled like autumn. Even with the muted fall colors it was a beautiful ride. At times we were riding on nice single track where the trail is narrower than the tires on my Borealis expedition bike. Near the top of the trail the golden grass was tall and the views of Utah Valley were spectacular.

It was strange riding on skinny mountain bike tires after spending all year almost exclusively riding my fat bike. The Anthem was amazingly quick and responsive. However I am use to the traction of the fat tires and was timid going fast around corners and obstacles. Dropping down Jacob's Ladder is always a blast, but again the small tires were an adjustment.

The lower half of Jacob's Ladder has some fun little switch backs. On of the switch backs has a tree that I am always scared I will hit as I go around the corner. I haven't ever hit it but it is always a bit of a challenge when I ride a 29er. The 27.5 wheels on the new Anthem made that corner a lot better. The smaller wheels are more responsive.

Anyway the trip was great and the whole time I could not help but think, "autumn was invented for mountain biking."

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