Monday, October 14, 2013

Flight and Hostel

I just booked my flight to Chile and my room in Punta Arenas. I will be leaving Salt Lake City on November 15 and arrive in Punta Arenas on November 17. I then have 5 days to get everything through customs and onto the plane to fly to Union Glacier in Antarctica on November 23. After I arrive in Antarctica I will have as long as I like to get acclimated to Antarctica. I plan on spending a few days on Union Glacier making sure everything is good to go before I fly down to Hercules Inlet where I will start the bike ride to the South Pole. The drop off location in Hercules Inlet will be on the ice shelf and I will begin by climbing up onto the "coast" of Antarctica and then head somewhat west to get around a large crevasse field before heading South.

I am hoping that the five days I have in Punta Arenas will give me a chance to go and see some penguin colonies and other sights of the area. Once I am in Antarctica I will be far enough away from open water that there will be no plants or animals, so if I want to see the penguins it has to be before I fly to Antarctica.

Things are moving fast. I have a lot of things left to get done before I leave and very little time left.

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