Thursday, October 31, 2013

Remembering Halloween

Halloween was always the most painful holiday.

When I was a little kid I lived in Fairbanks Alaska. One day when it was about -40º I was ridding on my mothers shoulders. I had a real nice red parka with a fur ruff on the hood that would protect the face from freezing. My mom could not see it but the hood had fallen down leaving my head exposed to the cold. My ears and face ended up getting frostbite.

On Halloween my brothers, sisters and I would head out to collect our candy. We lived in north Orem, which now is a very populated place, but when I was a kid it was still mostly fields and orchards. We had to walk several miles to be able to hit a dozen or so homes. By the time we finished we would have a small bag of candy and my ears would be cold.

As we looked through our candy to see what we got my ears would start to warm up. The frost damage from when I was a little kid would make this a very painful experience.

Halloween was a very different experience for my kids. The houses in our neighborhood are on 5 to 6 acre lots, so it would be much like when I was a kid, however nobody does trick or treat in our neighborhood. Instead we all drive down to the street by our neighborhood park and do trunk or treat. In less than a half hour our kids have collected more candy than I collected in my whole trick or treating career. The problem is since I opened the bike store I don't get to go and hand out candy. To me trick or treat is suppose to be done in the dark, or at least the twilight. Our neighborhood likes to start at 5pm, which means by the time my store is closed trick or treating has been over for almost 2 hours.

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