Thursday, December 5, 2013

4 Dec - 50

4 December 2013
Happy birthday to me. The day started out windy with more soft snow and climbing. I am not making the distances I would like. Today was 6.2 nautical miles. With 10.5 hours.
Juan skied pass me today. His travel by ski is at least three times faster than my combo hike a bike and riding. After he passed he set up his tent. It seemed strange that he would end the day so soon, but maybe it was for a different reason, because as soon as I caught up with him he took his tent down and skied off into the horizon.
The slope isn't as steep now and the snow is harder. I dropped the air pressure down as low as possible in the tires and can now ride for longer distances, but it is still hard and uses a lot of energy.
Remember to get out and be active.

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  1. Happy 50th Daniel! Man, I can't even remember what I did for my 50th, and it wasn't that long ago. Had I so much as attempted what you've even done so far I'm sure I'd never forget. Keep on keeping on!