Thursday, December 19, 2013

uphill battle

82°45.000 W 079°39.270 16 nm
My grandmother would see a beautiful sunset and say it was the most beautiful she had ever seen, and she meant it. So when I say that each day was the hardest of my life, it is in honor of her, because it really is the hardest day of my life every day of this expedition.

I added the food and fuel from the cache to my sleds. It was heavy. Today of course was a lot of climbing, testing my strength against the heavy sleds. A lot of slow cranking on the pedals today. I ended up getting 16 miles but I had to bike past my quitting time to do it. I have to call in my position to ALE every day and so I need to end in time to set up the tent and give them a call. I hope to get up early tomorrow and get back on my schedule that gives me a bit of a buffer if needed to be able to hit my goal.

After learning what my new sled weight was going to be like and seeing that it was a never ending up hill day I set my goal fort he day to be 82°45' south. As you can see I just made it. This makes me 15 minutes away from the 83° mark which I should be able to get tomorrow. I believe it also set the world record for most distance traveled by bicycle towards the South Pole which was previously held by Eric Larsen.

They say that a fog is moving in, which means another few days of not being able to see where I am going. Not looking forward to that.

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